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Probate - Vital Records

Pickens County Probate Court is the custodian of vital records for Pickens County. Georgia law dictates what relations may obtain a birth certificate for another person. For further information regarding vital records, paternity acknowledgements, legitimations, amendments and corrections, and delayed birth certificates, please contact our office or visit:

Fee & payment information

Certified copies of birth or death certificates:

$25.00 for the search fee and first copy.

$5.00 for each additional copy obtained at the same time for the same person.

Photo Identification Requirements

Under Georgia Law, Birth Records are restricted documents and can only be requested by individuals who are eligible to receive them (eligibility requirements are described in detail on the appropriate application forms). To protect you and the community from Identity Theft, we require the following documentation to be presented along with your application:

  • Georgia driver’s license – unexpired or expired for not more than one year
  • State of Georgia identification Card – unexpired or expired for not more than one year
  • State of Georgia weapons carry license
  • Unexpired driver’s license issued by another U.S. state, jurisdiction, or territory
  • Unexpired official identification card issued by another U.S. state, jurisdiction, or territory
  • Unexpired U.S. passport
  • Unexpired foreign passport
  • U.S. military identification, military dependent identification, veteran’s identification
  • Unexpired consulate card
  • Transportation ID
  • Debit card with picture
  • Employer ID card
  • School, university, or college ID card
  • DMV ID card
  • Department of corrections identification card

Individuals under the age of 15 are unable to request a copy of their own record.

Individuals who are unable to provide an acceptable form of photo ID as listed above, may obtain a birth certificate directly from VitalChek (third party vendor).

Who May Request A Birth Certificate

Birth Certificates are only issued to applicants having a direct and tangible interest, primary immediate family members, or legal representatives of the family. However, as explained below, there are instances in which specific documentation is required based on who is requesting the record.

  • The person named on the certificate – If the person named on the certificate (i.e. the registrant) is the requestor, that person must provide valid photo identification at the time of the request.
  • The parent(s) named on the birth record- Must provide valid picture identification.
  • An authorized legal guardian or agent – Any person who has legal custody or control of a minor child must provide a certified copy of the court order establishing guardianship and legal custody.
  • Grandparents of the person named on the certificate – Must provide proof of relationship such as the birth certificate of the registrant’s parent.
  • An adult child or adult sibling of the person named on the certificate – Must provide proof of relationship by providing a copy of his or her birth certificate listing one of the same parents, along with his or her valid government issued picture identification which includes signature.
  • The spouse of the person named on the certificate – Must provide a copy of the marriage certificate, a photo copy of the spouse’s picture identification, which includes the spouse’s signature, with a notarized letter from the spouse giving permission.
  • Attorney – Must represent an immediate family member and provide a notarized letter on letterhead signed by the attorney; provide bar number indicating reason for the request and whom they represent; provide supporting documentation with the fee; provide a notarized release from the biological mother, in the event of an adoption.
  • State or Federal Government Officials -The State Registrar or the local custodian may disclose data from Vital Records to authorized representatives of Federal, State, or County agencies of government which request such data in the conduct of their official duties.

Permits for Disposition of Human Remains

Permit for Disposition of Human Remains (10-19)

Effective November 14th, 2017, the Georgia Department of Public Health amended DPH Rule 511-1-3-.23 PERMITS FOR DISPOSITION, DISINTERMENT, AND REINTERMENT. The amendments to this rule are as follows:

  1. An authorization for disinterment and reinterment of a dead body shall be issued by the local registrar upon receipt of an order of a court of competent jurisdiction directing such disinterment, or upon receipt of a written application signed jointly by the surviving spouse, or the next of kin in the absence of a surviving spouse; the owner of the cemetery plot; and the person who is in charge of the disinterment.
  2. The local registrar shall make arrangements to ensure that disposition permits may be issued 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For this purpose, the local registrar may appoint local persons or entities, including hospitals, hospices, and funeral homes, to serve as deputy local registrars for the limited purpose of issuing disposition permits in accordance with this Rule.
  3. A disposition permit shall not be issued until the cause of death has been certified by a person authorized to do so under DPH Rule 511-1-3-.19(5); authorization given by the descendant’s attending physician; or, with regard to a body subject to inquiry under Title 45, Chapter 16, Article 2, until the county coroner or medical examiner has given approval for disposition.

Submit completed permits, with certified cause of death, to Pickens County Probate Court via Fax 706-253-8760. For issuance of permits after hours, please complete section 1 of Form 3494 and email, with certified cause of death, to [email protected]

Please note: Disposition permits must be issued by the county registrar of the county where the death occurred. Pickens County Probate Court can only issue permits for deaths that occurred in Pickens County.

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