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Probate Court - Estates & Guardianships

Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the probate of wills, administration of estates, temporary guardianships of minors, permanent guardianship and conservatorship over minor and adult wards, and applications for year’s support awards.

There are filing fees associated with all petitions and these fees are due upon filing the petition. Once the proper paperwork is filed and the fees are paid, you will be scheduled a time to appear before the Judge and have your petition heard as all matters are handled by appointment only. Forms for these procedures and additional information are available in the office or online at

Proceeding Without an Attorney

If you elect to proceed without an attorney, it will be your responsibility as the petitioner to determine and/or select the appropriate petition to file for your situation. Probate Court staff cannot give legal advice and can only answer in general questions concerning the Georgia Standard Probate Forms. Neither the Court nor the County can accept responsibility for incorrect decisions made by the staff, and they have been directed to refrain from giving that kind of advice.  Click here for more information.

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